Honey Peach Preserves

First let me say that Carl is a real trooper. We had some setbacks tonight in making our peach preserves. All in all though we had a great time. Carl praised me for my patience. I prefer to think I was too tired to care about the cutting board that was on fire. Well, I am exaggerating- it was only smoldering.  Seriously- so tired I hardly felt the hot preserves when they splashed in my eye. Carl got burned, too and hit his head pretty hard. The special result is 30+ jars of peach preserves made with Blue Pike Farm honey. We also added vanilla and cinnamon sticks. I may be tired but my house smells amazing. If Carl can bear to part with them they will be on sale at Blue Pike Farm at the weekly market on Thursday. I have a jar that I have promised to taste on my morning toast. I’ll let you know how they taste. 🙂

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