Honey to the Rescue

Just found out an interesting new use for honey. When you are melting chocolate it will sometimes seize. This normally happens when liquid gets in the melted chocolate. That’s why you have to be careful when using a double boiler. A few drops of water can spell disaster.  It becomes grainy and hard and usually just gets tossed out. But if you add a little honey to the chocolate and stir it in gently the chocolate softens and can still be used!!!!
If you are looking for great, locally produced honey stop in at Blue Pike Farm on Thursday. Carl’s bees have been hard at work all summer. We only have 3 weeks more of the market- I would love to see you there.
Blue Pike Farm is located at 900 E. 72 Street- just a short bit south of the shoreway. We are open from 4-7 pm.
Note: Due to a scheduling conflict I will NOT be at the market next Thursday (10/20)  so I will only be there 2 more times.
The Honey and Peach preserves have been a big hit and we are almost out. The wine jellies are flying out and I just have a few jars left of both the Strawberry  and vanilla Preserves and Vidalia Onion Relish. They make nice little gifts so stock up for the holidays.

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