No one does a clambake like my cousin Arlene Strauss. Now Arlene will tell you that a lot of people put it together- and that is true. If I name them all I fear I will leave someone out. Let’s just say that the men tending the grilling and outdoor cooking are amazing. Everyone seemed to bring something special and tasty. The star of the night were the clams- done to perfection and the lobsters. Can’t remember when I have had such a great lobster. Oh wait, last year’s clambake!!!! Its the time of year when we are seeing more clambakes and there are different ideas of how to do it- do it the way it makes you happy. For my family the chicken and corn are grilled, not cooked in the pot with the clams. This way everything doesn’t taste like clams. Also helpful for anyone who is allergic.  A mix of Autumn dishes as sides and desserts including a winter squash au gratin made by Arlene’s neighbor, Julie. Perfection. Then there were the desserts. I brought lemon tea bread and pumpkin-shaped sugar cookies with orange frosting and sprinkles. There were lies and cookies, lemon squares and pumpkin bars. I tell you folks- this was a night to remember.

There was the issue of the wind. Arlene and Gary live on the lake- right on the lake. It is so beautiful but on a night like we had the wind was furious. When I went to leave I opened my car door, got in and let go. The door slammed shut on its own. Still, sitting on their glassed-in back porch- shielded from the wind- the view of the lake was majestic and enthralling.  Thanks to all who added to the evening, especially Arlene for putting up wirh us all.

Love and kisses.

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