The Challenge- a week in

I committed myself to not going to the grocery store for at least a month. Use up foods I have canned, dried and frozen. I must admit the first week has been pretty easy. Seriously, I did stock up on fresh veggies and fruits. Also bought seeds for sprouting so I can supply myself with fresh greens well into my little project. Boredom will be the factor as time goes on. Once the last of the lettuce is gone I may not be feeling so sunny.  Trick now is making what I do have that is fresh last as long as possible. The focus next week will be on just that. I’ve already been using green bags for produce. I want to talk a little next week on root cellaring.  How many pounds of wrinkly potatoes and sprouting onions do we all toss every year? Part of the point of this whole project is to save money. Not just by preserving seasonal foods and taking advantage of sales but also by not throwing away what we already have bought.


Let me know what foods you toss out the most and I’ll try to address that next week as well. For now I’m enjoying fresh kale cooked with potatoes and smoked sausage. Thanks in part to a mild December. You can e-mail me at

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