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2022  Schedule

My classes are held in a number of different venues. It is important to register early so you won’t be shut out. Most classes are demonstrations with plenty of food for tasting and recipes to take home. Some are hands-on. Registration fees vary from one location to the next. Food fees are payable to me the night of the class. Unless otherwise noted, all evening classes are from 7-9 pm. Please bring containers along so you can take leftovers home with you.


Mentor classes are held at Wildwood Cultural Center at 7645 Little Mountain Road. Unless otherwise noted all Mentor classes are held on Tuesdays. You can register online at CityofMentor/play or by phone at 440 974 5720 or 440 974 5735.

Classes in Mentor sell out quickly. Please be sure to ask to go on the waiting list if the class you want to attend is full. We do get openings and if there are enough people on the waiting list we can always schedule an additional session. Cost to residents is $14, non-resident fee is $17. That does not include the food fee paid to me the night of the class. Unless noted- all evening Mentor classes are on Tuesdays.


Jan 18: Soups On: What could be nicer than a simmering pot of homemade soup? In this class you’ll learn how to make wonderful soups staring with how to make stock from scratch. You’ll get to taste Tomato Bisque and Cabbage Soup along with Bean and Barley. There will plenty of recipes to take home, too. Food Fee $9.00
Jan 25: Bread Baking: Nothing beats the aroma of fresh baked bread. In this class you’ll learn how to bake a perfect loaf of bread every time. There will be a demonstration of braiding bread and shaping dinner rolls. You’ll also see a loaf of yeast bread that can be made in one hour! Plenty to taste in class and recipes to take home. Food Fee $8.00.
Feb. 1: Chowders and Stews: This class is all about the ultimate comfort foods. Learn how to make all kinds of warm, thick and creamy dishes for chilly nights You will get a chance to sample several dishes in class and will have plenty of recipes for home. You will also learn how to thicken chowders and stews without flour or cornstarch. Food Fee $10.00
Feb. 8: For Chocolate Lovers: For many people consuming chocolate is one of life’s great joys. Cooking with chocolate can be enjoyable, too. From the basics of handling and working with chocolate to baked treats this class will give you plenty of ways to indulge. You will get a chance to taste plenty of chocolate treats and will have recipes to take home. Food Fee: $9.00
Feb 15:  Scones and Muffins: The smell of fresh baked scones or muffins is a great way to start any day. In class you’ll learn how to make scones, muffins, quick breads and biscuits. From choosing the right flour to mixing the right way you’ll learn how to make fast and easy home-baked treats. Lots of food to taste in class and recipes for home. Food fee $8.00
Feb 22: Doughnuts, Fritters and Other Fried Treats: Fried dough is a treat enjoyed in many cultures throughout the world. In this class, you will learn how to make all sorts of fried goodies- doughnuts, fritters, churros and more. You be making them in class and taking plenty of recipes home with you. Food Fee $9.00
Mar 1:  Vegetarian Cooking: Watching your cholesterol? Looking for an alternative to meat and potatoes? In this class you will learn the basics of eating meatless meals including ‘protein pairing’ and how to make food the family will enjoy, too. Whether you are already a vegetarian or just want a change of pace this class will give you a lot of information and plenty of good food. There will recipes to take home and samples to taste in class. Food Fee $8.00.
Mar 8: Spring Holiday Baking: This is a class to celebrate the holidays of Spring. Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, Passover, Cinco de Mayo and even recipes to welcome the coming of Spring itself!!!  Breads, scones, desserts and more. Some traditional recipes, and some recipes that might just become classics in your house. Food Fee $9.00
Mar 15: Pierogi Making:  If you want to learn to make your own pierogi- this is the class!! They take a little time, but aren’t hard to make at all. Pierogi, filled dumplings, are a traditional Polish dish.They are often filled with potatoes, but they can be filled with any number of ingredients. In class you will get hands-on experience making your own pierogi. Various fillings will be available. Food Fee $9.00
Mar 22:  Coffeehouse Treats:We all love to eat them and we all pay outrageous prices for them. Why not learn how to make some of these tasty treats at home? From bear claws to biscotti, coffeecakes and much more you will earn how to make them all. You will get plenty of recipes and a lot of samples in class. Food Fee $9.00   
Mar 29: Sunday Brunch:Whether it’s for a few friends or the whole neighborhood, brunches can be a fun way to entertain. Brunch enchiladas, easy Danish and stuffed French toast are just a few of the recipes you will receive in class. You will get plenty to try in class and recipes to take home. Food Fee $9.00.
Apr 5: Marvelous Mushrooms: Mushrooms are available in a wide array these days and are very versatile. If you are unsure how to maximize them in cooking this class is for you. Learn how to cook with all sorts of mushrooms and get a chance to taste several dishes that focus on using them. You will also get recipes for home. Food Fee $8.00.
Apr 12: Onions and Garlic: While these aromatic foods are a staple in most cuisines some people are hesitant to use them. Both onions and garlic are more than just tasty, they are good for you. In class you will learn how to roast, grill, caramelize and much more. Plenty to taste in class and to recipes to take home, too. Food Fee $8.00
Apr 26: Pies, Tarts, Quiches and Other Flaky Treats: Learn how to make a perfect pie, quiche and tart every time. You will get recipes for several types of crusts including sweet, savory, low fat, no-bake and even a yeast raised crust.  Learn how to pair up the right crusts with fillings. There will be recipes for fruit and cream pies, quiches and hints from a baker’s daughter. Food Fee $9.00
















Classes in Independence are held at the High School. To register you can go online at or call the front desk at 216-524-7373 and they can register you and give you information directions to the room.

New classes coming later in 2022

University of Mount Union

New classes coming in 2022

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Mailing address – 1972 Clark Ave., Alliance, OH  44601
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