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My classes are held in a number of different venues. It is important to register early so you won’t be shut out. Most classes are demonstrations with plenty of food for tasting and recipes to take home. Some are hands-on. Registration fees vary from one location to the next. Food fees are payable to me the night of the class. Unless otherwise noted, all evening classes are from 7-9 pm. Please bring containers along so you can take leftovers home with you.


Mentor classes are held at Wildwood Cultural Center at 7645 Little Mountain Road. Unless otherwise noted all Mentor classes are held on Tuesdays. You can register online at CityofMentor/play or by phone at 440 974 5720 or 440 974 5735.

Classes in Mentor sell out quickly. Please be sure to ask to go on the waiting list if the class you want to attend is full. We do get openings and if there are enough people on the waiting list we can always schedule an additional session. Cost to residents is $14, non-resident fee is $17. That does not include the food fee paid to me the night of the class. Unless noted- all evening Mentor classes are on Tuesdays.

August 9: Totally Terrific Tomatoes: They are powerhouses of nutrition and very versatile. Fresh, cooked or dried they can be used in salads, sauces, soups and more. In class we will learn how to make the most of this tasty food. You will also learn how to preserve fresh tomatoes by dehydrating, freezing and canning. Plenty to sample in class and recipes for home. Food Fee $8.00   

August 16: Canning: This class will give you the information you need to get the most out of your garden and summer produce specials. From canning basics to freezing you’ll learn how to safely store many fruits and vegetables. You’ll also get recipes using fresh, frozen and canned produce. Learn how to make super salsa and pie fillings and much more. There will be plenty to sample in class and recipes for home. Food Fee $8.00

August 23: Southern Comfort: No matter where you live you have probably enjoyed some of the wonderful dishes from this regional cuisine. With long growing seasons and a rich multicultural heritage Southern cooking combines simple, classic dishes and homey favorites. From grits to praline this class will give you the chance to taste an array of dishes with many more recipes for home. Food Fee $9.00

August 30: Maple Syrup: This natural sweetener provides both sweetness and unique flavor to everything. From desserts to salads to main dishes. Learn how to cook with maple syrup in ways you never thought of before. It’s more than just a topping for pancakes. Plenty to sample in class and recipes for home.  Food Fee $9.00.

Sep. 13: Waffles: Waffles, they’re not just for breakfast anymore.  You’ll get recipes for breakfast waffles, dessert waffles and even whole grain and savory waffles.  Lots for sampling in class. Recipes include fudge waffles, chicken and waffles, Belgian Waffles, buckwheat waffles and more. Food Fee: $8.00

Sep. 20: Skillet Dinners: Simple and fast is a good way to describe skillet dinners. In class you’ll get plenty of recipes and tasty samples of meals made on top of the stove. Many are made in 30 minutes or less, perfect for weekday dinners or any time you want a home-cooked meal in less time. Some take more time, but are well worth the wait. Food fee $9.00

Sep. 27: Apples and Pears: While available throughout the year these tasty fruits are certainly at there best in autumn. They are very versatile and can be used in desserts, baked goods and even in main dishes. In class you’ll learn about many of the varieties on the market and about many ways to use them. There will also be a section on freezing for later use. Plenty to sample in class and recipes for home. Food Fee $8.00

Oct. 4: Bagels: Bagels are one of the most popular breakfast foods around. They aren’t like most breads in that they are boiled before baking. Learn to make classic bagels and all sorts of variations in this fun class. Bagel serving suggestions and topping recipes also included. Food Fee : $9.00. 

Oct. 11: Comfort Soups: Soups are foods that bring back memories of childhood and warming up on a chilly day. In class you’ll learn how to make soups for everyday and soups for special occasions. Recipes will include Mesclun Soup, Lentil Soup, Potato and Leek Soup, Polish Mushroom Soup and Sweet and Sour Duck Soup among others. There will be plenty to sample in class so come hungry. Food Fee $9.00

Oct. 18: Focaccia, Bruschetta & Bread Sticks  Simple Italian Breads: Tell your family you’re serving Focaccia Bread or Bruschetta or and they may look at you funny.  But watch their faces change once they take their first bite!  Learn how to prepare Focaccia, a dimpled, Italian flat bread that is a “cousin” to pizza, Bruschetta, a classic Italian appetizer, and Bread Sticks that will compliment any Italian meal. Recipes include Herbed Focaccia and Fennel Breadsticks. There will plenty to taste in class and recipes for home. Food Fee $8.00.

Oct. 25: Cracker Craft: If you never made your own crackers, you might be surprised at how easy and fun they are to make. From graham crackers to wheat, round and rye, in class we will make them all. You’ll get a chance to roll, cut and bake your own in this class. Lots to sample in class and many more recipes to take home, too. Food Fee $8.00.

Nov. 1: Pierogi Making:  If you want to learn to make your own pierogi- this is the class!! They take a little time, but aren’t hard to make at all. Pierogi, filled dumplings, are a traditional Polish dish.They are often filled with potatoes, but they can be filled with any number of ingredients. In class you will get hands-on experience making your own pierogi. Various fillings will be available. Food Fee $9.00

Nov. 8: A World of Dumplings: The word dumpling means different things to different people. Dumplings can be noodle like spaetzle, soft bready biscuits sitting on top of stew or Asian dough filled with any number of ingredients. In this class we will explore all sorts of foods that fall under the category of “dumpling”. Food Fee: $9.00.

Nov. 15: Awash in Squash: Did you know that in August there are more zucchini than there are people in this country?  Whether you grow your own or just know someone who does you know how prolific summer squash can be. This class will help take back your life and kitchen counters by giving you tons and tons of way to use both summer and winter squash. There will be plenty to try in class and recipes to take home. Food Fee $8.00.

Nov. 29: Holiday Baking: Create that home for the holiday feeling by learning how to bake some traditional favorites. You’ll also learn how to bake some less-traditional foods, too. There will be several treats to sample in class including tree-shaped sweet rolls and cheese puffs. Use of these goodies as gifts will also be discussed. Many recipes to take home. Food Fee $9.00

Dec. 6: Cookie Dreams: All new cookie recipes that are sure to please the cookie monsters in your home. Recipes include lemon Meltaways, maple cookies, craisin cookies and so many more. We will bake a lot of cookies so bring a baking sheet and an apron and be prepared to take home a plateful. Recipes included. Food Fee $9.00.

Dec. 13: Party Starters: This class with show you how to get the party started. There will be recipes for appetizers and first courses. From finger foods to salads, these small bites are sure to make your evening special. Food Fee $9.00.










Classes in Independence are held at the Community Center. To register you can go online at or call the front desk at 216-524-7373. Independence classes are DAYTIME classes held from 11:15-12:15. They are cooking demos highlighting one or more recipes, that you see made and then get to sample. Recipes provided.

Note: These classes are currently only for Independence senior residents. If that changes I will let you know.

April, 11/22 – Easter Baking: Baking is very much a part of our holiday traditions. Some breads are associated with springtime and Easter. In class you’ll taste breads and other baked treats from different cultures. You’ll get recipes from hot cross buns and Easter bunny rolls to Bird’s Nest Biscotti. You’ll also get tips on how to bake better bread. 

  • 5/02/22 – Cinco Di Mayo: Mexican and Tex-Mex foods are really hot! Popular and spicy these are foods that always make the party. If you don’t know your ancho from your poblano its time to take the toro by the horns. Class will include a glossary of ingredients as well as sources. There will be plenty of food for tasting in class and recipes for home. Ole!
  • 6/20/22 – Cool Summer Dining; Summer is a time of year when we like to entertain family and friends at picnics, parties and cookouts, but still want time to relax. You can do both. In class you’ll get plenty of recipes and tips for preparing meals requiring little or no cooking that still taste great. You might even have time for the beach. 
  • 8/15/22 – Foods of Italy: A country of diverse regions, people and cuisine, Italy has long been the home of great cooking. From classics like polenta, risotto and tiaramisu to earthy country dishes this class will expose you the foods of Italy in all their many forms. There will of course be sampling to do and recipes to help you bring a little bit of Italy home with you.
  • 9/19/22 – Mediterranean: With a beautiful climate and access to the sea the foods of the Mediterranean will awake your senses. From the Grecian Isles to foods of the Middle East you will get a chance to try some tasty, simple dishes that you can easily duplicate at home.
  • 10/17/22 – Treat or Treat: Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in America today. If you are planning a party don’t miss this class. You’ll learn how to make ghoulish goodies and boo-tiful decorations. 
  • 11/21/22 – Turkey 101: If making Thanksgiving dinner makes you nervous this could be the class for you. From making a timeline and cooking the perfect turkey to mouth-watering side dishes and desserts you will be taught how to make a dinner that would make a pilgrim proud.
  • 12/19/22 – Cookie Dreams: All new cookie recipes that are sure to please the cookie monsters in your home. Recipes include lemon Meltaways, maple cookies, craisin cookies and so many more.


University of Mount Union

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