The Challenge: Storing Onions

As the weeks go by I am more aware then normal about making foods last. Onions aren’t hard to store for a long time if you give them the right environment. I am talking about cooking or yellow onions. Sweet onions don’t keep as long and should be used fairly quickly after you buy them. So what do you do?

Onions like cool and dry surroundings to hold up best. Unlike potatoes which like cool, moist conditions, onions will start to get moldy or sprout if the air in too wet. Ideal temperatures are around 40-50 degrees. Most basements have areas that are close to cool enough during cold weather. You can just hang the onions in the mesh bags they often come in however, if there is one bad onion in the bag the whole bunch may follow.  You can use old pantyhose to keep them apart and last even longer. Just take the leg of old pantyhose and drop in an onion. Tie a knot in the hose and add another onion. Continue until you run out of onions- or hose. Hang up somewhere cool and dry. When you need an onion just snip the pantyhose and remove. Onions stored this way can easily be stored for several months.

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