The Challenge: The Egg and I

I am now more than 3 weeks from my last trip to the store for food. I’ve mentioned before that I am sure to run out of eggs before I go to the grocery store. I am planning at this point to not go to the grocery store until March 1st. May try for April 1st- but don’t really want to think about that yet.That mean another 5+ weeks before I get fresh supplies.

The egg situation: I actually have a fair amount of eggs right now. The real problem is their freshness. They will only keep for so long. I can and will freeze some. I have already. I have gotten a lot of surprised response when I mention freezing eggs.  I think it’s because people imagine me freezing whole eggs. Yes, you can freeze eggs. No, they are not frozen in their shells. I just crack a couple of eggs in a small freezer container. Then I date them and pop them in the freezer. They can be defrosted and used in baking. If you ever find yourself with more eggs than you can use- keep that in mind. Freeze some for later rather that tossing them. We already waste way too much food in this country already.

I have enough eggs for the next month and a half- but what about later? I had an interesting proposal from my niece, Sarah. She thought I might be able to barter for eggs. Bake bread perhaps, in exchange for a dozen eggs. I think that would still be in the spirit of what I am trying to do. It is about using what I have- not buying more. Trading sounds reasonable to me. Will sound even more reasonable to me after I run out of eggs. haha.

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