The Challenge: Feedback

When I started this challenge for myself to see how long I could go without a trip to the grocery store I had no idea how many others would try to do the same. I have gotten e-mails from a number of people with what they are doing to use up what they have on hand and to avoid wasting money. Here are a couple of responses I have gotten.


Rita writes: You’ve encouraged us to “pare our wares” in our fridge, pantry and freezers. I cleaned out the rest of holiday leftovers from the kitch fridge and it looks great in there! We are condensing and closing down the chest freezer in the garage, keeping the 2nd fridge w freezer in the garage going.

We had a fun discussion over soup last eve, made from chicken and freezer veggies (on hand) and your delicious beer bread! Elise had lots of good suggestions. We have 3 pkgs of meat and 2 pizzas in the garage freezer, along w some veggies. I’ve suggested that we could possibly turn off the 2nd fridge as well, but then the kitch fridge wouldn’t hold the pizzas. E said, “We don’t have to BUY a pizza, we can make our own with powdered mix,” which we sometimes do. Good thinking. Thanks for the inspiration. I’m sure you’re getting lots of comments along these lines.
From Margie: Today for dinner we made a frozen entre, Chicken Tikka Masala, with some left over kale greens, & whole wheat linguini, & found a pouch of chana Masala(chick peas). We decided not to buy any frozen or packaged foods until we use what we have. I think our menus may end up being exciting & different. We plan on only buying fresh staples, bread, milk, fruit, yogurt & cold cuts for lunches. Then I can wipe out the lfreezer. Your idea is a good one.
I am sailing along pretty well. As I mentioned recently I know I can hold out until March 1st. After that we’ll have to see. Thanks to all of you for your support and feedback. 🙂

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