The Challenge: Don’t waste anything

Earlier today I was cooking rice for a program I have tomorrow. Got a call and forgot about the rice. It was overcooked and I knew I’d have to cook more for tomorrow. The problem is I just didn’t want to toss the rice I had overcooked. Talking with my friend Sue and she suggested rice pudding. Brilliant. Since I have company for dinner this Saturday I am gong to turn this mistake into dessert. Don’t have an exact recipe but I will just mix the rice with milk, eggs and sugar. Toss in some cinnamon and vanilla and we will be good to go. I guess the lesson here is not to be too quick to through it away. I am not talking about food that is left out too long or my be spoiled but food that may need to be re-purposed. Use your imaginations and find a way to save it and use it. I’d like to hear ways you use food creatively that otherwise might be tossed.

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