More Handy Tips

This message came to me from my sister Cindy Morgner, who is recovering after knee surgery.

She calls it- A different kind of challenge.


Hi Sis,

Well I’m sitting here like the queen of the place while others wait on me. Sarah and Keith were here last weekend and fixed/brought food. A number of friends from church have also stopped by with various food items, so it’s been easy on both of us. I am allowed to do “about 10 minutes of KP” at a time, so I can do a few things and Bob takes care of clean-up, etc.

I made a number of meals and soup which I froze in anticipation of surgery, but being on the receiving end of this food-based TLC has led me to think about what to bring to someone in my situation.

I offer the following tips:

Bring something that can be frozen or bring a frozen item as sometimes the food donations are a little front loaded. They can be defrosted and used as needed that way.

Surgery may temporarily modify one’s taste or appetite, stick to simple, nutritious dishes.

Breakfast items are as welcome as lunch or dinner foods.

To the recipient: Label the dishes as soon as you’ve used the item. It doesn’t take long to start playing “musical” Corning Ware.  

Remember what tasted good for you when it is time to return the favor.

That’s all from here for now.

Talk to you soon.

C  :-0)


Thanks Cindy- glad you are feeling better.

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