The Challenge: Making Brown Sugar

Just into the 11th week of not going to the grocery store. While I have enough to eat I find myself running out of some basic stuff. Today it was brown sugar. It’s not that big a deal. Brown sugar is relatively easy to make at home if you have 2 ingredients, granulated sugar and molasses. Just put white sugar in a bowl- a few cups at a time is easier to work with. Add about 1 tablespoon of molasses per cup of sugar to start and blend together. It will take a few minutes. I used a flat wooden spoon and kept pressing the mixture against the side of the bowl. After a few minutes it was a nice light brown color. Then you can decide if you want the sugar a little darker. Just add a little more molasses and mix well before each new addition until the sugar is the color you want.

This is also handy if you are cooking something that calls for dark brown sugar and you only have light brown sugar. Just add a little molasses to light brown sugar and mix well. You can also turn dark brown sugar into light brown sugar by adding granulated sugar and mixing well.

Store brown sugar in a tightly sealed container to keep it from drying out.

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