Fresh Garbanzos

Little green pod holds garbanzo seed(s)

As many of you know I have been sprouting seeds for fresh eating. During the winter I used large jars. As weather warmed I started seeds in pots. I’ve enjoyed pea shoots and adzuki beans, lentil, triticale and garbanzo sprouts. Was planning on picking some garbanzo shoots to saute and add to a breakfast omelet this morning when I made a fun discovery. I had seen a couple of flower buds on the garbanzo plants but that was it. Today I found my first bean pod. It appears to hold one seed- maybe 2, but my guess is just one. Never had fresh garbanzos before. Eating just one will seem , well, less than filling. Since the plants have flowers sprouting all over I opted for pea shoots in my omelet and will allow my garbanzo beans to continue to produce seeds. May want to rethink some of what I am planting in my garden. Maybe save some space for a patch of garbanzo beans. Have any of you planted garbanzos before?

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