Parker and the Gang of Four

Parker nodding off

There is something to be said for doing yard work on a cool day. I managed to clean out and prep the bed for greens and beets. Emptied out all the containers of compost I got from Carl yesterday at Blue Pike Farm. Thanks Carl. Worked them in to the herb garden and greens bed. Planted lots of basil, too. I have at least 24 in the ground and in large planters and still have more basil. Pesto for everyone!!!! Didn’t get everything done but this time of year there is always more to do.

I did get distracted for a while by Parker and his pursuits. Parker is going to be 13 soon. He is down to three legs and his remaining back leg gets a little stiff on cool days. When he is with me in the garden he generally finds a shady place and settles in. Today was different, though. Today there were squirrels. A rowdy group of 4 squirrels were having a big time row about something. They chattered and ran up and down the tree next door. Its branches hang low into my yard. Parker was so excited he ran and barked and bounced around like a dog half his age. They even ran along the fence several times with Parker in hot pursuit. The “Gang of Four” went on with their fight for over an hour seemingly oblivious to the dog barking below them.

Parker is now fed and happily nodding off.  All in all a good time. 🙂

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