Be Cool – Beet and Watermelon Soup

It is going to get hot again. I got this recipe from Brad Reynolds via Carl. I thought it might be a nice idea for you to try. I made the soup and LOVED it! Wasn’t sure but I must admit the taste was great. There was the sweetness of the watermelon balanced out with the earthiness of the beets. I added the stock to the first batch I made but found myself enjoying the taste of soup without it on the second batch. Sort of a super healthy smoothie. I made a bigger batch the second time.You gotta love the color, too. So pretty.

Brad thanks so much for your recipe!!!

Cold Beet and Watermelon Soup

1 part diced beet (cooked)

1 part diced seedless watermelon

Put in blender

Add Chicken or Vegetable stock to taste/consistency

Add salt if desired

Dollop with Creme Fraiche or Sour Cream or even Greek Yogurt, if desired

Garnish with fresh mint.

With any cold soup- chill well after you make it. You might even want to chill the bowls and spoons.


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