Radish Mice

radish "mice"

radish “mice”

You know its time for me to go back to work when I have time to play with my food. I made some radish “mice” today. They are easy to make and kids love them. Just make sure someone who is old enough to handle a knife does the slicing part of this activity. It is not a job for younger kids. They can, however, do all the assemble parts. You can add cloves for eyes if you like.


Radish Mice




Choose radishes with the longest root pieces to be your mice. The roots will be the tails. Set them aside cut thin slices from the extra radishes. These will be the ears. You will need 2 per mouse. In the mouse radishes cut a small slice off one side so the “mouse” will lie on its side. Cut a slit in the top of the radish near the non-root side. Slip in the thin slices to form the ears. Add cloves for eyes and nose. Use these to decorate salad plates and party trays but don’t give them to little children because they could choke on small pieces.


slices for "ears"

slices for “ears”

waiting for earsi

waiting for ears


Making a slot for the "ears"

Making a slot for the “ears”






Ready for "eyes"

Ready for “eyes”

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