Strawberry Sorbet

IMG_1565This dessert is easy to make and a nice alternative to ice cream. Don’t get me wrong, I love ice cream but sometimes I want something lighter. Nice for those who are lactose intolerant, too. If you do like ice cream you can also serve this as a Strawberry Creamsicle- a scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with a scoop of the sorbet.



Strawberry Sorbet


2 c. fresh or frozen strawberries (allow frozen berries to thaw a little first)

1/4 c. sugar, or to taste

3 T. fresh lemon juice


Place ingredients in food processor and process until smooth. Place in shallow pan and freeze. If you are using frozen berries re-freezing will take only about 1 hour. Up to 30 minutes before serving remove sorbet from freezer and allow to soften enough to break into chunks. Place in processor and blend again until very smooth. Serve immediately. Serves 4.  

Freezing Strawberries

Berries can be frozen with or without sugar. Rinse and drain berries then hull. Un- sweetened berries are just placed in freezer containers either whole or sliced. To freeze berries with sugar add 3/4 c. sugar to each quart of prepared berries, stirring gently until well-coated. 


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