Autumn Sweet and Sour Cabbage

Autumn Sweet and Sour Cabbage

Autumn Sweet and Sour Cabbage

I think cabbage sometimes gets a bad rap. I know plenty of people who only eat it as cole slaw or maybe sauerkraut. It is a very versatile vegetable and can make a nice side dish sauteed with just a few other ingredients. I had several  heads of cabbage from my garden and wanted to use some as a side dish. I combined the cabbage with  a few additional ingredients, including apples, to make this. I kept this batch vegetarian but you can add cooked bacon or some diced ham. Either way it is a tasty and easy way to enjoy cabbage. Goes great with roasted meats, especially pork. I served it with a roasted chicken.

  Autumn Sweet and Sour Cabbage

2 T. oil

1 large onion, sliced thin

8 c. shredded cabbage

2 c. chopped apples and pears, peeled if desired

½ c. cider vinegar

2 T. balsamic vinegar

¼ sugar, or more to suit your taste

salt and pepper to taste


Sauté onion in oil until golden brown. Add cabbage and fruit and cook over medium high heat, stirring often until cabbage is wilted. Add remaining ingredients and cook until most of the liquid is evaporated. Adjust seasonings. Serves 4-6.

Note: You can serve this dish just as it is or you can add 8 oz. of cooked noodles when you add the vinegar for cabbage and noodles. Some people also like to make this dish with crumbled bacon or diced ham.


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