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Chameleon Plant- Hauttunyia Cordata

Chameleon Plant- Hauttunyia Cordata

I have been teaching cooking classes all week in Mentor. Every day this week as I pull out of the parking lot at Wildwood after class I pass a house with a Plants for Sale sign out front. The sign says .50-$1.00. I decided to stop today after class. What a fun time I had. It isn’t a business, just a person selling a few plants. They have mostly perennials, many that like shade. Daylilies, hostas, several different ground covers, giant marigolds. Most things are in the 1-2 dollar range, some are 50 cents.

I got a plant called the Chameleon Plant. It is a shade and moisture loving ground cover that by some accounts can be invasive. I have a friend who has grown it for years and says it is not a problem for her. It is also edible. I am planning on making a shady area I have more edible plants so adding hosta and more daylilies to my yard.


The lady was very nice so I thought I’d pass on the info if any of you are interested. I don’t have the exact address. Pretty sure it is 7742 Little Mountain Road in Mentor. Its just across the street from Wildwood and has a big sign so hard to miss even if the address is wrong.

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