Noel, Noel, Noel



Merry Christmas to all. I have a special friend staying with me this holiday season. She is a Rottweiler mix, that I have named Noel. Seemed like a suitable name for this time of year.  I am only fostering her. Noel will need a permanent home at some time. There has  already been some interest. I would love, besides it being a wonderful home, for someone I know to adopt her.  I will put the adoption form at the bottom of my post- so if you are interested…….

She is housebroken and has pretty good house manners. She has long legs, so her nose easily reaches table tops. She sniffs, but has not taken anything off any table or counter. She really does want to crawl up in your lap. I know I should not allow it- but I am spineless and she is so cute. I will admit discipline is not my forte.

She was severely underweight when found on the street in Lorain. While she weighs 51 pounds now, I fully expect her to reach 75-80 pounds, once she fills out. Maybe a little bigger, even. The vet said she is about a year old. She has been spayed and is in good health, otherwise.

Noel staying here has really made me miss my Mom. She had a special gift with animals. My mother always wanted dogs that had to be rescued. She said a dog that is saved, never forgets what you did for them.

She never used crates or raised her voice. She would just gently explain to the dog what they did wrong. She could leave a bowl of dry cat food on the floor and the dogs would leave it alone. Why? She said because she told them it wasn’t their food.

I wish she were coming over today to spoil Noel. She would stroke her gently, speak to her softly, and feed her whatever she wanted. Noel is being well tended and will have a lovely day, but it saddens me to know she won’t ever be able to know the unconditional love of “Grandma Irene”.

Well, enough of sad thoughts. Many things to be happy about. Good friends and family. A dog that is now safe. Unseasonably warm weather makes it easier to take the dog on walks.

Hope your day is happy.

Here is the adoption form.



In a perfect world, every home would have a dog and every dog would have a home.

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