Purple Sweet Potato Gelato

Purple Sweet Potato Gelato

This might be one of the oddest frozen desserts I have ever made. It is also one of the tastiest. I started with a purple sweet potato, which I peeled and steamed until it was tender. Once the potato cooled down, I pureed it with a can of coconut milk. I then sweetened the mixture and added some vanilla. I chilled the mixture, then froze it in my ice cream maker.

The texture was so smooth and the flavor was wonderful. The pretty purple color was an added bonus.

The sweet potato itself doesn’t look like anything special, until you cut it open. While the outside is a pale, whitish color, the inside is bright purple. When cooked, it tasted like any other sweet potato.

I used one pretty good sized sweet potato. Thinking just under a pound. Here is the recipe.


Purple Sweet Potato Gelato

1 large purple sweet potato, peeled, cooked and cooled down

1 can ( about 13 oz.) coconut milk

3/4 c. sugar- or to taste

2 t. vanilla

In blender or food processor, combine sweet potato and coconut milk. Process until mixture is very smooth. Sweeten to taste with sugar and add the vanilla. Chill mixture, then process in an ice cream machine. If you don’t have an ice cream machine- freeze mixture. Then remove from freezer and let it soften a few minutes. Process in a food processor until smooth and creamy. Makes about 1 quart.


Purple Sweet Potato, uncut

Purple Sweet Potato – inside

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