cranberry leather recipe

Cranberry Roll-ups

Cranberry Roll-ups

Cranberry Roll-ups

After making cranberry juice I was left with a lot of pulp. I didn’t want to toss it so I decided to make cranberry fruit roll ups with it. I ran the pulp through the coarse blade of my food mill. I then sweetened just a little- less than a cup of sugar. I then spread the mixture on plastic wrap placed on the trays of my dehydrator. I ended up with 7 in the end. I dried them at 120 degrees for 6 hours. They should be pliable but not sticky to the touch when done. A couple of friends stopped over today and they got a chance to taste them. Both said they liked that the roll ups were not too sweet- they had a nice tartness to them. Once finished I rolled them up in the plastic wrap and will store them in the fridge.

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