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Goblin Goo Drink

Goblin Goo Drink

If you want a fun beverage to serve for Halloween, try this Goo Drink. It’s easy to make and will give guests a start.

The secret is ingredient is Jell-o. Make whatever flavor Jell-o you like. Once it is firm, mash it with a fork into pieces.

Place some Jell-o in a glass and add ice and whatever beverage you like. I used cherry Jell-o with sour cherry soda. The Jell-o is invisible that way. When your guests take a sip they get little gobs of Jell-o in every sip.

You can play with color combinations, for fun. Grape Jell-o with orange soda looks like little black globs in the drink.

You can do this with Jell-o shots, for the grown-ups.


Mash Jell-o with a fork

Mash Jell-o with a fork

Add some Jell-o to the glass before adding ice and soda

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