mulberries and squirrel

Mulberries and the Squirrel

He's watching them ripen

He’s watching them ripen

I was so excited to see how many mulberries I have this year. The tree is pretty tall now so I’ll need to get out a ladder to get many of them, but there are still plenty at arm’s reach. I had visions of mulberry pie or tart. Perhaps some jam or jelly. Yum. I was out taking pictures of the higher fruit when I spied a little visitor. The squirrel was just sprawled out all cozy. He obviously had no interest in going anywhere. All I could think of was that he had the same thing on his mind- those berries. Well, most aren’t ripe yet, but I’ll scale down my dreams of a big berry harvest. I have a funny feeling the squirrel is going to be enjoying them, too. I only hope he will keep his harvesting to the ones up high and at least let me get the lower ones!!!

Some of my mulberries. How many will I get?

Some of my mulberries. How many will I get?

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