Teaching cooking camp in Beachwood this week and one of the boys shared this recipe from his Korean heritage. I wanted to share it with you. They are amazing. Paul and his friend Emma, made a double batch. The kids loved them. Hope you enjoy them, too.
Makes 8 hoddeok.


1 cup flour
1 cup lukewarm water
2 ts yeast
1/2 ts salt
2 tbs white sugar
1 tbs vegetable oil
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 ts cinnamon powder
2 tbs chopped walnuts (optional)
Making the dough:
1.  Place 1 cup up lukewarm water into a mixing bowl.
2.  Add 2 tbs white sugar, 2 ts yeast, 1/2 ts salt, 1 tbs vegetable oil, and stir it well.
3.  Add 2 cups of all purpose flour and mix it by hand, adding flour if dough is still sticky.
4.  Let the dough rise.  It should sit covered at room temperature for 1 hour.
5.  After an hour the dough will rise to double its size.  Knead it to remove the gas bubbles in the dough.  Let it rise for another 10-20 minutes.
Making the filling:
1.  Knead the dough again to remove the gas bubbles.
2.  Place and spread about 1/2 cup flour on your cutting board.
3.  Put the dough on your cutting board and knead it.  Make it into a lump, and cut it into 8 equal-sized balls.
4.  Take 1 dough ball, flatten it put some filling in the center of the dough, and then seal it to make a ball.
5.  Repeat this 8 times to make 8 stuffed balls.
6.  Heat up your non-stick pan over medium heat and add some vegetable oil.
7.  Put 1 ball on the pan and let it cook for 30 seconds.
8.  When the bottom of the dough ball is light golden brown, turn it over and press the dough with a spatula to make a thin and wide circle (about the size of a CD).
9.  Let it cook about 1 minute until the bottom is golden brown.
10.  Turn it over again and turn down the heat very low.
11.  Place a cover on the pan and cook 1 more minute.  The brown sugar filling mixture will be melted to syrup!
**You can be creative and add your favorite filling…chocolate, cheese, veggies, meat!

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