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2019  Schedule

My classes are held in a number of different venues. It is important to register early so you won’t be shut out. Most classes are demonstrations with plenty of food for tasting and recipes to take home. Some are hands-on. Registration fees vary from one location to the next. Food fees are payable to me the night of the class. Unless otherwise noted all evening classes are from 7-9 pm. Please bring containers along so you can take leftovers home with you.


Mentor classes are held at Wildwood Cultural Center at 7645 Little Mountain Road. Unless otherwise noted all Mentor classes are held on Tuesdays. You can register online at CityofMentor/play or by phone at 440 974 5720 or 440 974 5735.

Classes in Mentor sell out quickly. Please be sure to ask to go on the waiting list if the class you want to attend is full. We do get openings and if there are enough people on the waiting list we can always schedule an additional session. Cost to residents is $14, non-resident fee is $17. That does not include the food fee paid to me the night of the class. Unless noted- all evening Mentor classes are on Tuesdays.

Aug. 20: Canning 101:  Canning, when done correctly, is a safe and relatively easy way to preserve food for later use. This class is all about learning the newest rules of canning. You will learn when to use a water bath and when a pressure canner is needed. We’ll discuss what foods are the easiest to can and even the foods that no one should can at home. We’ll also do some tasting in class of home canned foods. Food Fee: $8.00

Sep. 10: Gourmet Vegetarian: Cooking without meat does not mean your food has to be tasteless or boring. In fact you can create terrific gourmet meals and your guests will never miss the meat. In class you will learn how to make nutritious foods elegant, too. There will be plenty of foods to try in class and recipes to take home. Food Fee $8.00.

Sep. 17: Pasta: This dinner time staple is more popular than ever. In class you’ll learn how to make fabulous pasta from scratch. Among the pastas we’ll try are carrot, broccoli, and sesame. whole wheat, sour cream  and many more. There will be some hands-on pasta rolling and some recipes for using store bought pasta, too. There will also be recipes to take home. Food Fee $8.00

Sep. 24: Apples and Pears: While available throughout the year these tasty fruits are certainly at there best in autumn. They are very versatile and can be used in desserts, baked goods and even in main dishes. In class you’ll learn about many of the varieties on the market and about many ways to use them. There will also be a section on freezing for later use. Plenty to sample in class and recipes for home. Food Fee $8.00

Oct. 1: Soups of the World: Soup seems to be the universal comfort food. From hearty to light, piping hot to icy cold soup recipes are as different as the places they come from. This class will explore many cultural soup traditions. From Eastern Asia to Eastern Europe, South America to West Africa you will get a chance to sample soup from all over the globe. Recipes will also be provided. Food Fee $9.00

Oct. 8: Breads of the World: Nearly every country has their own special type of bread. In this class you will learn how to make bread from many cultures including Swedish, Finn, Italian, Polish, Jewish, Middle Eastern and others. There will be a cooking demo in class as well as a ‘hands-on’ session on pita bread. There will be tasting in class and recipes to take home. Food Fee $8.00

Oct. 22: Cooking With Tortillas: If the only time you eat a tortilla is at a Mexican restaurant be prepared to be pleasantly surprised. The flour and corn tortillas in the dairy counter at your grocery store can be used for everything from appetizers to breakfast, sandwiches to desserts. You’ll learn how to make Mexican and non-Mexican dishes including a baked egg roll! Tortillas are easy to use and can make cooking easier. Recipes to take home and plenty of samples to taste in class. Food Fee $9.00

Nov. 5: Classic Appetizers : Good appetizers can set the mood for the whole evening. They can be fast and easy or quite complex. In this class they will be generally easy to make. Recipes include Crab Mousse, Brie with Sun-dried Tomatoes and Pesto, Rueben Dip and more. You’ll also get party planning tips and plenty of samples to taste in class. There will also be recipes to take home. Food Fee $9.00

Oct. 29: Onions and Garlic: While these aromatic foods are a staple in most cuisines some people are hesitant to use them. Both onions and garlic are more than just tasty, they are good for you. In class you will learn how to roast, grill, caramelize and much more. Plenty to taste in class and to recipes to take home, too. Food Fee $8.00

Nov. 12: Liqueurs: Learn about the history of liqueurs and how their combination of fruit, herbs and spices can enhance your cooking. Sample recipes that, through the addition of liqueurs, go from ordinary to extraordinary. You’ll learn how to make your own liqueurs and how to use them in cooking. You will also get recipes to take home. No one under 21 is permitted to take this class. Food Fee: $10.00

Nov. 19: Pierogi Making: If you want to learn to make your own pierogi- this is the class!! They take a little time but aren’t hard to make at all. Pierogi, filled dumplings, are a traditional Polish dish. They are often filled with potatoes, but they can be filled with any number of ingredients. In class you will get hands-on experience making your
own pierogi. Various fillings will be available. Food Fee $9.00

Dec. 3: Holiday Baking: Create that home for the holiday feeling by learning how to bake some traditional favorites. You’ll also learn how to bake some less-traditional foods, too. There will be several treats to sample in class including tree-shaped sweet rolls and cheese puffs. Use of these goodies as gifts will also be discussed. Many recipes to take home. Food Fee $9.00

Dec. 10: Around the World with Pizza: Does your family have pizza every Friday night?  Getting bored with the same old traditional pizza? Even though pizza originated in Italy, today we can enjoy it with the taste influence of many other cultures.  Take a trip around the world and learn how to prepare pizza such as Asian Pizza, Chicken Fajita Pizza, Greek Pizza, Double Dutch Extra Cheesy Pizza and more.  Samples will be available for everyone to enjoy!  Next Friday night surprise your family with one of these new pizza variations! Plenty of recipes to take home, too. Food fee $9.00.

Dec. 17: Cookie Dreams: All new cookie recipes that are sure to please the cookie monsters in your home. Recipes include lemon Meltaways, maple cookies, craisin cookies and so many more. We will bake a lot of cookies so bring a baking sheet and an apron and be prepared to take home a plateful. Recipes included. Food Fee $9.00.


Mayfield Village Classes -Evenings

We decided to try evening classes in Mayfield starting this Fall. Times are 7-9 pm.

Classes are held at the Mayfield Village Community Center, 6621 Wilson Mills Road. Deadline to Register: The Monday before the class. Four easy ways to register. 1-440-919 2332. Call Mayfield Village Senior Services with your registration and MasterCard, Visa, or DiscoverCard payment. Classes cost $20, plus food fee.

Fax: 4409190207. Fax your registration and MasterCard, Visa, or DiscoverCard payment to the Senior Services Office.
In Person: Register in person from 8:30 a.m.4:30 p.m. MondayFriday at the Senior Services
Office, 6621 Wilson Mills Road, Mayfield Village. (Entrance to the Department is inside the
Community Room.)
Mail: Mail registration form with your check payable to Mayfield Village to MV Senior Services, 6622Wilson Mills Road, Mayfield Village, Ohio, 44143.

 2019 classes
New dates coming soon.


Students may enroll in classes directly at the Concord Community Center, at 7671 Auburn Road, Concord Township OH 44077.  They can call to inquire about classes at 440-639-4650.  You can register online- just go to Look under classes in rec. department. They can register in person or send in registration to the above address.  A registration form is available on our website at, under Current Happenings/Township Newsletter.  Or, in place of a registration form, they can just write a note stating their name, address, phone, the class they are enrolling in, dates, times and payment – and send it in with their check.


New dates coming for Fall

University of Mount Union

New classes coming in 2020

Registration information

The John T. Huston-Dr. John D. Brumbaugh Nature Center
of the University of Mount Union
Mailing address – 1972 Clark Ave., Alliance, OH  44601
Location address – 16146 Daniel St. NE, Minerva, OH  44657
For more information about our facility visit
Find us on Facebook @ HustonBrumbaughNatureCenter

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