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2019  Schedule

My classes are held in a number of different venues. It is important to register early so you won’t be shut out. Most classes are demonstrations with plenty of food for tasting and recipes to take home. Some are hands-on. Registration fees vary from one location to the next. Food fees are payable to me the night of the class. Unless otherwise noted all evening classes are from 7-9 pm. Please bring containers along so you can take leftovers home with you.



Mentor classes are held at Wildwood Cultural Center at 7645 Little Mountain Road. Unless otherwise noted all Mentor classes are held on Tuesdays. You can register online at CityofMentor/play or by phone at 440 974 5720 or 440 974 5735.


Classes in Mentor sell out quickly. Please be sure to ask to go on the waiting list if the class you want to attend is full. We do get openings and if there are enough people on the waiting list we can always schedule an additional session. Cost to residents is $14, non-resident fee is $17. That does not include the food fee paid to me the night of the class. Unless noted- all evening Mentor classes are on Tuesdays.


Jan. 8. : Citrus Cuisine: Winter is citrus season and it makes sense to take advantage of that fact. Well beyond making juice in class you will learn how to use a variety of citrus fruits in main dishes, side dishes, salads, desserts and more. You will get a chance to taste several dishes in class and will get a lot of recipes to take home. Food Fee $9.00.

Jan 15: Low Fat Cooking: Eating healthy can be fun and tasty. Reducing the fat in your diet does not mean that you have to give up flavor. In class you’ll learn how to trim down the fat in some of your favorite dishes including scalloped potatoes, fried chicken, pesto sauce, lasagna and more. There will be dishes to taste in class and plenty of recipes to take home. Food Fee $8.00

Jan.22: Ramen Holiday: They’re not just for starving college students anymore. Those simple little noodles are all the rage in the Pacific Northwest at Noodle Bars. See how a tasty sauce can turn Ramen noodles into sides, salads main dishes and yes, even soup! Much to taste in class and recipes for home. Food Fee $8.00

Jan. 29:  Calzones: A popular food at pizzerias, calzones can hold a lot more than Italian ingredients. They are also easy to make. This class will be all about making and baking calzones. You’ll get recipe for Reuben calzones, Curried Vegetable, Spinach and Artichoke, BBQ Pork (or chicken), Tex-Mex and more. This will be a class about thinking outside the pizza box and it is a hands-on class as well. Food Fee $9.00

Feb. 5:  Chili: Chili is almost as American as apple pie. You can’t believe how many types there are. There are some with tons of meat and some with none. There is lentil chili and even white chili. In class you’ll get to sample several and take home the recipes for many more. Food Fee $9.00.

Feb. 12: Brownies: From moist and chewy to cherry studded or kissed with mint you will get to sample a wide array of the classic chocolate treat. Blondies, fudge and even recipes using box mixes that have been tweaked to make them better. If you love brownies try this class for the recipes, the tasting and the smells! Food Fee $9.00

Feb. 19:  Waffles: Waffles, they’re not just for breakfast anymore. You’ll get recipes for breakfast waffles, dessert waffles and even whole grain and savory waffles. Lots for sampling in class. Recipes include fudge waffles, chicken and waffles, Belgian Waffles, buckwheat waffles and more. Food Fee: $8.00

Feb.26: Spring Holiday Baking: This is a class to celebrate the holidays of Spring. Easter, St.     Patrick’s Day, Passover, Cinco de Mayo and even recipes to welcome the coming of Spring itself!!! Breads, scones, desserts and more. Some traditional recipes, and some recipes that might just become classics in your house. Food Fee $9.00

Mar. 5:  Mardi Gras: This class is for anyone who has enjoyed the food of New Orleans or always wanted to. With a rich ethnic heritage New Orleans cooking is like no where else. From earthy Cajun dishes to classy Creole you’ll learn how to make everything from savory Gumbo to melt in your mouth pralines. Food Fee $9.00

Mar. 12: Cabbage Patch: Members of the cabbage family include broccoli, kale, cauliflower and more. These are some of the most nutritious veggies around. That doesn’t mean you can always get your family to eat them. In class you’ll get recipes for soups, salads, sides and mains loaded with flavor- and plenty of fiber, vitamins and minerals, too. Recipes to take home and plenty of food samples in class. Food Fee: $8.00

Mar. 19:  Doughnuts, Fritters and Other Fried Treats: Fried dough is a treat enjoyed in many cultures throughout the world. In this class, you will learn how to make all sorts of fried goodies- doughnuts, fritters, churros and more. You be making them in class and taking plenty of recipes home with you. Food Fee $9.00

Mar. 26:  The British Isles: Although not always seen as leaders in the world of fine dining the  Brits have really come into their own. Today British cooking includes the classics like Yorkshire Pudding and Bubble and Squeak to dishes influenced by world cuisine. You’ll get recipes for many classic British dishes as well as newer dishes. Dishes will be sampled in class and there will be recipes for home. Food Fee $9.00

Apr. 2: Breakfast in Bed: Pamper the ones you love as well as yourself with picture perfect  breakfast foods. Besides learning the basics of preparing eggs and omelets you will also learn how to make fun foods like chocolate waffles, peanut butter pancakes and even homemade granola. There will plenty to taste in class and recipes to take home. Food Fee $8.00

Apr. 9:  Cracker Craft: If you never made your own crackers, you might be surprised at how easy and fun they are to make. From graham crackers to wheat, round and rye, in class we will make them all. You’ll get a chance to roll, cut and bake your own in this class. Lots to sample in class and many more recipes to take home, too. Food Fee $8.00.

Apr. 16: Cake Rolls: They are classic and can really make an impressive dessert for any party. In class you’ll get recipes for Lemon cake roll, Pumpkin roll, chocolate, Yule Log and many more. They look hard but are really fun and easy to make. Lots to sample in class  and some hands-on, too. Food Fee $9.00

April 30: Quick and Easy Chicken: Enjoy fun and easy chicken dishes any night of the week. In     this class you will get dozens of new recipes including Moroccan Chicken with  Couscous, Fiesta Chicken Soup, Reuben Chicken Casserole and many more! There will be food for tasting in class and recipes to take home. Food Fee $10.00

May 7: Waste Not, Want Not: No one wants to waste money. Estimates say that we throw out     $1,000-$3,000 in food, per household, every year. This class will teach you how to bring down that number. Shopping, storage and preservation information will be provided. We will also cook some tasty food designed to get more from your food budget. Food fee: $8.00.







Mayfield Village Classes -Evenings

We decided to try evening classes in Mayfield starting this Fall. Times are 7-9 pm.

Classes are held at the Mayfield Village Community Center, 6621 Wilson Mills Road. Deadline to Register: The Monday before the class. Four easy ways to register. 1-440-919 2332. Call Mayfield Village Senior Services with your registration and MasterCard, Visa, or DiscoverCard payment. Classes cost $20, plus food fee.

Fax: 4409190207. Fax your registration and MasterCard, Visa, or DiscoverCard payment to the Senior Services Office.
In Person: Register in person from 8:30 a.m.4:30 p.m. MondayFriday at the Senior Services
Office, 6621 Wilson Mills Road, Mayfield Village. (Entrance to the Department is inside the
Community Room.)
Mail: Mail registration form with your check payable to Mayfield Village to MV Senior Services, 6622Wilson Mills Road, Mayfield Village, Ohio, 44143.

 2019 classes
Feb. 21:Soup’s On: What could be nicer than a simmering pot of homemade soup? In this class you’ll learn how to make wonderful soups staring with how to make stock from scratch. You’ll get to taste Tomato Bisque and Cabbage Soup along with Bean and Barley. There will plenty of recipes to take home, too. Food Fee $9.00
Mar.7:  One Pot Meals: You can create tasty meals for your family without creating chaos in your kitchen. This class is all about making meals that cook in one dish for easy preparation and easy clean up. From casseroles to soups you’ll get to sample a wide array of dishes and you’ll get plenty of time saving tips as well as recipes to take home. Food Fee $9.00.
Mar. 21: Pasta Sauces: If your family is like most American families you are probably eating more pasta than ever. There are also more types of pasta to choose from every day. Still, the most common pasta topping is still tomato sauce. In class you’ll get plenty of new recipes and ideas to make your pasta special every night. Recipes include Indonesian Peanut Sauce, Almost Alfredo (a reduced fat dish), Carrot sauce and more. There are plenty of samples in class and recipes to take home. Food Fee. $8.00
Apr. 4: For Chocolate Lover’s Only: For many people consuming chocolate is one of life’s great joys. Cooking with chocolate can be enjoyable, too. From the basics of handling and working with chocolate to baked treats this class will give you plenty of ways to indulge. You will get a chance to taste plenty of chocolate treats and will have recipes to take home. Food Fee: $9.00

Apr. 11:Vegetarian Cooking: Watching your cholesterol? Looking for an alternative to meat and potatoes? In this class you will learn the basics of eating meatless meals including ‘protein pairing’ and how to make food the family will enjoy, too. Whether you are already a vegetarian or just want a change of pace this class will give you a lot of information and plenty of good food. There will recipes to take home and samples to taste in class. Food Fee $8.00.



Students may enroll in classes directly at the Concord Community Center, at 7671 Auburn Road, Concord Township OH 44077.  They can call to inquire about classes at 440-639-4650.  You can register online- just go to Look under classes in rec. department. They can register in person or send in registration to the above address.  A registration form is available on our website at, under Current Happenings/Township Newsletter.  Or, in place of a registration form, they can just write a note stating their name, address, phone, the class they are enrolling in, dates, times and payment – and send it in with their check.


New dates coming for Spring




University of Mount Union

Feb. 24: Winter Salads: When the weather is cold outside the idea of a salad might not be the first idea that pops into your mind. Winter salads can be a way to beat those wintertime blues. Full of greens, citrus and some unexpected ingredients, these salads are a great first course. Some are a meal in themselves. You’ll get a chance to sample several salads in class and there are plenty of recipes to take home. Food Fee $9.00.


Registration information

The John T. Huston-Dr. John D. Brumbaugh Nature Center
of the University of Mount Union
Mailing address – 1972 Clark Ave., Alliance, OH  44601
Location address – 16146 Daniel St. NE, Minerva, OH  44657
For more information about our facility visit
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