Gardening Classes

Winter 2017


Fairview Hospital Wellness Center


Located at 3035 Wooster Rd., in Rocky River, the Wellness Center is operated by Fairview Hospital, a Cleveland Clinic hospital. Unless otherwise noted classes here are on Mondays. For more information, or to register for classes, visit or call 440-356-0670.

Jan. 19: Seed Starting: There are advantages to starting your own seedlings. You can save money, especially if you normally buy a lot of plants. The real benefit, though, may be growing unusual varieties not found at the local greenhouse. Exotic and heirloom varieties, when available, go for premium prices.  In class you’ll learn the basics of starting seeds indoors, using grow lights, hardening off and much more. Handouts provided.

Jan. 26: Gardening for a Small Planet: Both urban and suburban residents know the space restraints of their yards. Gardens, while desirable, seem impossible when room is limited. You can do all sorts of creative things to get big harvests even from tiny spaces. From vertical gardening to inter-cropping we’ll discuss ways to get the most out your small garden. Handouts.

Feb. 2 : Herb Gardening: Have you ever thought about growing your own herbs? Fresh herbs are easy to grow and most require little maintenance. In class you’ll learn how to plant and maintain an herb garden and we will discuss many specific herbs and their uses. Harvest and storage will also be discussed. Optional text will be available in class.

Feb. 9: Composting: Leaves, grass clippings and some kitchen waste can be converted into “black gold” through composting. In class we’ll cover the basics of starting and maintaining a compost pile, the role carbon and nitrogen play and composting no-nos. Composting saves money, improves your garden soil and helps the environment, too. Handouts.



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