The Challenge- Words from My Sister


My sister, Cindy Morgner, lives in Central Lake, Michigan. She sent this e-mail to me today and with her permission I am sharing it with all of you. Just her thoughts on my plan to live off stored food for a month or longer.

Cindy Wrote:

“Hi Sis,

I’ve been checking your blog; interesting and thought-provoking. Your comment about running low on eggs and not having a chicken addresses the core of your challenge. We don’t live in the self-contained world of our farming ancestors who were responsible for growing/hunting/making everything they needed to survive.

Over the years, I’m still surprised by comments from people when they learn that I live 20 miles from the nearest “real” grocery store and carefully plan my once-a-week trips. Of course my consolation prize, living where I do now, is that fresh produce is just up the road all summer; and I can buy locally grown eggs and beef year-round.

The issue of wasted food is another thing; I’m amazed at how casual many people are about buying too much or just being careless with what they have. Not the way we were raised, for sure. I take great pride in a very low waste level in my home.

One thing I do is keep an inventory of my freezer. (I still chuckle at the story you tell about the 1950s meat someone called to ask about when you were with the OSU hotline). I think there is a lot of freezer-burn waste out there. I defrost once a year, keep an inventory on a clipboard, and use freezer containers rather than bags. Easier to stack and rotate stock that way. I have a few 20 year old containers that still work just fine. I’ve gotten pretty good over the years at freezing just enough of the veggies, fruits, etc. that we like to last until the new crop comes in. I try to be sure everything I prep gets used.

I’m not going to attempt your challenge; mostly because a) I’d run out of wine, and  b) I’d use up the good stuff in my freezer all at once. Also, my weekly trip to Charlevoix covers K-mart, the feed store and the fish market. Gotta have a little social life, after all 😉

I do wish you success and it will be interesting to see what sort of responses you get.

Have fun!

C  :-)”

Well Cindy, I agree about the wine. I did not buy enough. Jonathan said we can make mead- but I think that takes too long!!!!






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