The Challenge: Week 2 :Freezer Geometry

Well it’s been two weeks and I haven’t been to the grocery store. I must admit I am going through a certain amount of withdrawl. It isn’t that I am running out of food- I am not. I just like the grocery store sometimes. I like to find that bargains or get that impulse item because I went there hungry.  I am getting low on some fresh veggies and I will sadly run out of oranges soon. Still, I have plenty of tasty, nutritious foods to pick from.

The real mystery is the freezer. I’ll explain.

I carefully defrosted it and did an accurate inventory. That was more than 2 weeks ago. I have been eating chicken and other stuff out of the freezer. I carefully mark the sheet to keep track of what has been removed. Two weeks. It is still full. Like the biblical story of the loaves and fishes- no matter what I take out of the freezer it seems to remain full. There is some explanation in what I did yesterday. I took out a duck, made duck soup and put 6 quarts of duck soup in the freezer. Ok, that makes sense. But the freezer was jammed as I tried to get the soup in there last night.

What is the frozen food up to when the door is closed?


So the agenda for this week is all about replenishing. I have been sprouting pea seeds- I’ll post the photos soon and talk about spouting.  I have a lot of seeds to choose from and they’ll provide me with fresh greens. I am nearly out of lettuce. I also plan on using some of my Greek yogurt-it has active cultures- and making more yogurt. That way I can keep the supply up. I don’t have a yogurt maker- but think I have a solution. time will tell.

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