The Challenge: Frozen Elderberry Yogurt

One of the challenges of not going to the grocery store is trying to be creative with what is around. I made yogurt in my crock pot a couple of nights ago. It turned out great. The problem is I have a good supply of yogurt and I wanted to use this batch for something different. I also had been given some beautiful elderberries this summer. Special thanks to Sarah Taylor. I used them to make elderberry syrup.

I made juice from the elderberries and combined the juice in equal proportions with local honey. Cooked it for a few minutes then packaged it up in small containers and froze it. Elderberry syrup is great to take when you have a cold or sore throat. I decided to combine the syrup and yogurt and put this mixture in my ice cream machine. The result is a beautiful pale lavender confection. I am looking forward now to serving it to guests at my first dinner party.

That really is the point of the challenge for me, at least. Not just to live off stored foods but to use them in ways that are different and fun. It’s not just about whether I have enough food- but how can I use what I have to stretch my culinary skills.

Just wanted to thank all the students from last night’s class in Mentor. We had such a good time. Looking forward to Wok This Way next Tuesday. 🙂

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