The Challenge: Green Bags Revisited


This broccoli had been in green bags for 4 weeks. Looks pretty yummy.

I can’t believe it’s been a month since I went to the grocery store. I have run out of some fresh produce including lettuce and Brussels sprouts and only a few oranges left but I still have plenty of food. Part of the point of this whole little experiment is about how much food we waste and how to waste less.

I’ve written in recent weeks about cleaning out freezers and pantries. I also wrote about “Green Bags”. It came up in conversation on Saturday night. With good reason. This photo of broccoli was taken on Saturday before it was added to our dinner. This is the same broccoli that I had packed in green bags in the very beginning of January. Peppers and oranges holding up well, too.

I am not suggesting that green bags are the only way or even the best way to store produce. I am saying that they seem to work pretty well for a lot of what I stored in them. Not sure how the long storage has affected their nutrition. For now I am just happy to have fresh stuff a month into this experiment.

Broccoli, oranges and peppers in early January

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