More Cooking Tips

Thanks for the input from my post on favorite cooking tips. I got a couple more I wanted to share with you.

I mentioned a tip earlier about using cold water to clean up flour. My sister, Cindy Morgner in Central Lake, Michigan sent me this tip that is related.

Cindy Wrote:  Another time for starting clean up with cold water is when preparing raw meat, chicken or seafood. I like to give my knives and cutting board a good cold water rinse before washing with hot, soapy water. The rationale is the same as for the flour: you don’t want to “cook” those juices onto your cutting board. Ugh!


My niece Sarah, also shared a good tip. When using a jar of pasta sauce use wine to rinse out what is left in the jar. That way the wine adds extra flavor to the dish. I love this tip- I normally use water. Thanks, Sarah.

Marilyn said she likes to wash and spin dry salad greens ahead of time and chill before using. Makes then extra crispy.

Keep the ideas coming. I have enjoyed reading them and will post more soon. 🙂

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