Eco Friendly Weed Killing

First, let me say before my foraging friends attack me- I do not want you to kill all your weeds. Most are benign, some are pretty and many are edible. But sometimes there are plants in unwanted areas. I am referring to  plants growing up in cracks in the pavement or sidewalks or between brick walkways. I used to pour boiling water on them- at it worked pretty well. But it is annoying if you have large areas to cover. It does notwork all the time, either. I got a post from a friend the other day suggesting using white vinegar. Cheap, eco- friendly and using it will make your yard smell like pickles. Now be advised- do not pour the vinegar onto areas where other desirable plants are growing. It will kill everything and mess up the pH of your soil. This is for use on concrete and other paved areas.  Just pour vinegar over the plants and well, wait. It will take a few days to completely kill then but after day 1 they should be looking pretty sad. The pesky plants in my driveway are all brown and dried up.  No dangerous herbicides around- extra important if you have children or pets and it is very inexpensive Let me know how it works for you. To keep the area weed free for the whole season mist the cracks every week with more vinegar.

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