Simple Ant Control

Its been a warm/hot Spring and Summer around here. Paired with a mild winter and it is certainly going to be a problematic season for insects. I try not to use chemicals around the house and when I do I use organic. Just talking about the house- not the garden- which is chemical-free. Sometimes simple solutions are the best. Tonight Parker was dining outside on the porch.He is getting older and has less appetite in warm weather. Plus “Uncle Jack” had given him treats and doggie ice cream. He went inside and I thought¬† I’d bring in his dinner in hopes he would eat a little more. In the 20 minutes or so it was outside it had attracted ants. How many of us run for the bug spray. I did what my Mother used to do. I put on a tea kettle and when the water was boiling I poured it on the ants. Now there are lots of places you can’t do this. Boiling water will kill plants. Still it was a free and easy and non-toxic way to deal with an insect problem. What clever ways do you have to control insect pests?

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