Beachwood Cooking Camp- Day 3 Pasta and Cookies

Rainbow ravioli cooking

We are having a great time. Today the kids made ravioli from egg pasta but we made things more interesting by also making pasta from beets, spinach, broccoli, carrots, concentrated grape juice, curry and fresh mint. A couple of the girls wanted smoothies so this morning we also used strawberries, bananas, milk, vanilla and ice cubes to make smoothies this morning. we went through 3 pounds of berries!!  One of the boys had asked about making curry pasta and mint pasta. I brought both curry powder and fresh mint with me. In the end he made five different kinds of pasta-curry, beet, broccoli and grape, mint and carrot. He saved it all for dinner with his family tonight. As I said the kids are just great. Creative and a lot of fun  Here is some of what we did.



Grape juice pasta

ravioli and spinach pasta

pasta with basil and tomatoes

ravioli to be cooked








Cole’s 5 five pastas

beautiful cookies

and more cookies






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