Mentor Spring Class Schedule

My Spring Schedule of classes starts in Mentor next week. Here is the list and registration info.

Mentor classes are held at Wildwood Center at 7645 Little Mountain Road. Unless otherwise noted all Mentor classes are held on Tuesdays. You can register online at or by phone at 440 974 5720 from Cleveland call 440 942 8796.

Classes in Mentor sell out quickly. Please be sure to ask to go on the waiting list if the class you want to attend is full. We do get openings and if there are enough people on the waiting list we can always schedule an additional session. Cost to residents is $14, non-resident fee is $17. That does not include the food fee paid to me the night of the class.

Spring  2013

All Mentor classes are on Tuesdays.

March 19: Comfort Soups: Soups are foods that bring back memories of childhood and warming up on a chilly day. In class you’ll learn how to make soups for everyday and soups for special occasions. Recipes will include Mesclun Soup, Lentil Soup, Potato and Leek Soup, Polish Mushroom Soup and Sweet and Sour Duck Soup among others. There will be plenty to sample in class so come hungry. Food Fee $8.00.

March 26: My Mother’s Polish Kitchen: You don’t have to be Polish to love Polish food! This class will be a sharing of recipes and cooking tips from the instructor’s Polish Mother. You’ll get recipes for all the traditional favorites from Kielbasa to Pierogis as well as recipes for soups, salads, main dishes and desserts. There will be several dishes for tasting so come hungry. Food Fee: $8.00

April 2: Pasta: This dinner time staple is more popular than ever. In class you’ll learn how to make fabulous pasta from scratch. Among the pastas we’ll try are carrot, broccoli, and sesame. whole wheat, sour cream  and many more. There will be some hands-on pasta rolling and some recipes for using store bought pasta, too. There will also be recipes to take home. Food Fee $8.00

April 9: Pasta Sauces: If your family is like most American families you are probably eating more pasta than ever. There are also more types of pasta to choose from every day. Still, the most common pasta topping is still tomato sauce. In class you’ll get plenty of new recipes and ideas to make your pasta special every night. Recipes include Indonesian Peanut Sauce, Almost Alfredo (a reduced fat dish), Carrot sauce and more. There are plenty of samples in class and recipes to take home. Food Fee. $8.00

April 16: Cinco Di Mayo: Mexican and Tex-Mex foods are really hot! Popular and spicy these are foods that always make the party. If you don’t know your ancho from your poblano its time to take the toro by the horns. Class will include a glossary of ingredients as well as sources. There will be plenty of food for tasting in class and recipes for home. Ole! Food Fee $8.00.

April 23: Salad: Salads can be side dishes or main dishes and nothing quite matches a properly tossed salad. Still, salads can be so much more than lettuce. In class you’ll learn how to make salads of all types and you’ll learn how to make salad dressings, too. There will be plenty to taste in class and recipes to take home. Food Fee $8.00.

April 30:  Cool Summer Dining: Summer is a time of year when we like to entertain family and friends at picnics, parties and cookouts, but still want time to relax. You can do both. In class you’ll get plenty of recipes and tips for preparing meals requiring little or no cooking that still taste great. You might even have time for the beach. Food Fee $8.00.

May 7: Cheesecakes: America’s favorite dessert. At least by some accounts. In class you’ll learn how to make perfect cheesecake every time. There will sample to enjoy in class and plenty of recipes to take home including cheesecake from the Russian Tearoom, Frozen Mocha Cheesecake and even a reduced fat recipe. Food Fee$8.00

May 14: Easy Desserts: We all love to eat them but we don’t always have the time to make them. In this class you’ll get recipes for simple and tasty desserts. Bring your sweet tooth to class! There will goodies to sample in class and plenty of recipes to take home. Food Fee $8.00.

May 21:For Chocolate Lover’s Only: For many people consuming chocolate is one of life’s great joys. Cooking with chocolate can be enjoyable, too. From the basics of handling and working with chocolate to baked treats this class will give you plenty of ways to indulge. You will get a chance to taste plenty of chocolate treats and will have recipes to take home. Food Fee: $8.00


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