Flaming Ghost Cake

Flaming Ghost Cake

Flaming Ghost Cake

This one is fun for Halloween. You start with a cake. Frost it with chocolate frosting and then use white frosting to make a ghost on the cake. You can make all sorts of images- cats, bats, pumpkins. When ready to serve the cake the eyes are set on fire. Fun effect. Kids and grown-ups both will get a kick out of it. Just be sure to have proper adult supervision for the kids. The picture doesn’t do it justice. Very cool blue flames. Don’t forget to turn down the lights!

Flaming Ghost Cake


1 prepared 9×13- inch cake any flavor or white cake tinted orange

2 c. chocolate frosting

1 c. vanilla frosting

3 oz. semi sweet chocolate, optional

2 empty eggshell halves, washed well and dried

2 sugar cubes

Lemon extract


Frost cake with chocolate frosting then spread vanilla frosting in the shape of a ghost. Melt chocolate in a small plastic bag. When chocolate is melted snip off the corner of the bag and use to outline ghost. Place eggshell halves in cake, round side down where the ghost’s eyes would be. Soak sugar cubes in extract and place in eggshells. When ready to serve light sugar cubes and turn off the lights. Serve 12-16.

Variations: You can use the flaming eyes effect on cat shapes, pumpkins or even bats. Practice drawing the shape on paper before frosting the cake. If you bake a larger round cake the whole thing can be the pumpkin. Just frost it with orange tinted frosting.

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