The Challenge- Calm Before the Storm

Dinner last night

Dinner last night

I’ve only just started on my experiment to see how long I can go without going to the grocery store and I already see a change. Predictions for this week are for near record lows and blustery, snowy  weather for the next few days. I read multiple posts from friends on Facebook about crazy busy stores and empty shelves. I would normally be part of that crowd. Not so much because I didn’t have food in the house. I can, dehydrate and have a freezer. There is always food in the house. The trip to the store would be because there are a few items I might not have. Not so much about need as about want. Not going made me feel more secure and more independent.

I certainly get the need for fresh milk for kids or making sure you have bottled water and batteries. I believe completely in being prepared. I am in awe of some of the people I know who can go weeks and even months without going to the store. That kind of self reliance is admirable. My friend, Pris Hastings responded to  an earlier post of mine with this comment.

Pris wrote:

Enjoyed reading this Judi Strauss. One of my resolutions last year was to stop going to the grocery store. Started out by taking inventory of what I purchased from the store. Figured out what I could grow myself, then raised a huge garden. Canned most of the summer to get my inventory built up. We raise our own beef and hubby hunts so that helped. Will start chickens this year. Also bake bread to keep from buying it. Have fruit trees and strawberry’s planted. You can grow lettuce year round in a tub (protected). Would love to have a cow for milk so I wouldn’t have to purchase milk and butter. And then there’s the things u have to buy, toilet paper, paper towels, etc. make my own laundry and dish soup. Going to start making my deodorant this year. It’s amazing what you can do if you put your heart in it. I love reading what all others do and get some great ideas. My kids say I’m a prepper, but I say I’m just a person who likes to know what I’m eating and I’ve lived thru a terrible hurricane. It was no fun running out of food. I plan to hit it really hard this year and do even more. Love suggestions.”

I am impressed. Thanks Pris for your comments.

I realize that there are more limits living in the city, but there are community gardens and vacant lots. My friend, Mari Keating, has people digging up their suburban lawns and planting food crops. Support local farmers and buy stuff in season and preserve it in some way.  Like Pris said it is also about knowing what food your family is eating.

This isn’t about stockpiling food then not using it. Its about taking steps to insure that if there is some natural disaster you and your family will have food.


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