Cherry Soda and Cherry Almond Milk

Cherry Soda

Cherry Soda

I have to admit that I mostly drink water. I know, pretty boring, huh? Sometimes I forget to have something else to offer when company is over. I can make lemonade or iced tea and of course, there is always coffee. I try not to keep sodas around because if they are here, I will drink them.  A nice alternative is making a simple drink with concentrated juices and soda water. I have been on a cherry kick lately so this is what I used.  Just pour some syrup into your glass and stir in soda water to taste. Add ice and there you are. Something that is better for you than soda and frankly, tastes better, too.  Cherry Almond Milk

Cherry Almond Milk

I am also lactose intolerant so I don’t have milk around, but I do have almond milk. I tried adding some of the cherry juice to it the other day. Came out pretty good. Sort of tasted like a cherry milkshake.Think I’ll pop it in the freezer for a little while the next time or maybe freeze some of the almond milk and combine it with the cherry juice in the blender.

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