Beachwood Camp – Week 2

Braiding Bread

Braiding Bread

It’s been a very busy couple of days with the new kids in cooking camp this week. Well, not all of the kids are new. Two girls from last week’s camp decided to come again this week and a few of the kids have been before. They are a lively, energetic group and I mean that in only positive ways. They range in age from 9-12 and all seem to want to cook more and more stuff. We’ve done things similar to week 1 in the first couple of days. Pizza, bread baking, cupcakes etc. I look forward to every day.


Tomorrow is salad day and I got a list of ingredients they want for making their salads. I must have 20 different fruits and veggies ready for tomorrow including ingredients for Caesar salad, feta cheese, fresh herbs, dried cranberries, garlic and so many more things. I am looking forward to what they will be creating. Here are some of the pictures from our first two days. I haven’t been taking as many pics as usual- having too much fun.











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