Liqueur Class

IMG_0231    I will be teaching a class on making homemade liqueurs this Thursday at the Community Center in Concord. It is a fun time, for sure. If you are interested here is the contact information. There is no online registration. The class is from 7-9 pm.





Students may enroll in classes directly at the Concord Community Center, at 7671 Auburn Road, Concord Township OH 44077.  They can call to inquire about classes at 440-639-4650.  They can register in person or send in registration to the above address.  A registration form is available on our website at, under Current Happenings/Township Newsletter.  Or, in place of a registration form, they can just write a note stating their name, address, phone, the class they are enrolling in, dates, times and payment – and send it in with their check. Class fee is $15- non residents $19.

Fall  2014

Oct. 2 :  Liqueurs: Learn about the history of liqueurs and how their combination of fruit, herbs and spices can enhance your cooking. Sample recipes that, through the addition of liqueurs, go from ordinary to extraordinary. You’ll learn how to make your own liqueurs and how to use them in cooking. You will also get recipes to take home. No one under 21 is permitted to take this class. Food Fee: $10.00



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