Pizza Chicken Skillet

Pizza Chicken Skillet

Pizza Chicken Skillet

I had a busy day and needed something fast for dinner. I also hate doing dishes so the idea of a one pot meal was very appealing. I looked at what I had on hand and this is the dish I came up with. I started with some basics, browned onion and chicken in a skillet. I also had some fresh tomatoes and peppers and pizza seasoning so it all came together quite nicely. By adding some chicken stock and pasta I was able to finish it all together  in the same skillet. It was wonderful just the way it was- but you could top it with shredded cheese, if you like.



Pizza Chicken Skillet

1 T. oil

 1 large onion, chopped

1 chicken, cut up

4 c. chopped fresh tomatoes

1 sweet pepper, seeded and diced

3 c. chicken stock- you might need a little more*

2 t. pizza seasoning

8 oz. uncooked pasta- I used rotini**

salt and pepper to taste

In large skillet brown onion in oil. add chicken pieces and brown on both sides. Add tomatoes to skillet and cook a few minutes more. Add remaining ingredients, except pasta,  and bring to a simmer. Place lid on skillet and cook over medium low heat for about 20 minutes, or until chicken is cooked. Add pasta and cook, covered, about 12 minutes longer, or until pasta is cooked. Stir from time to time to prevent sticking and to see if you need more stock. Time will vary depending on which pasta you choose. Adjust seasonings and serve as is or with cheese on top. Serves 4.

* Depending on how juicy your tomatoes are you might need a little more stock. I wanted to have some sauce with the dish so I liked the amount of stock I used.

** You could use more pasta just add more stock.



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