Lobster and Roasted Corn Chowder

Lobster and Corn Chowder

Lobster and Corn Chowder

It is not often that I go to use up leftovers and have a lobster to work with. After a lovely time at my cousin Gary and Arlene’s house for a clambake I was given a lobster to take home. What an incredibly thoughtful thing to do. I also got some corn that had been grilled and a baked potato. Even before I got home I knew I had the makings for a great chowder. Perfect dish for a chilly day. Who am I kidding? I would eat this if it were 100 degrees out.

The next day I started by breaking down the lobster and separating the meat from the shell. I wanted to use the shells to make a stock. For the stock I placed the shells in a pot with an onion, sherry, celery, a carrot, parsley and covered it all with some water. I also had a couple of ears of corn that had been cooked on the grill. I cut off the kernels to use in the chowder but placed the cobs in the pot with the lobster shells for more flavor.  I cooked it for about an hour. I added some salt, pepper, minced garlic, hot sauce and paprika as it cooked. Strained it and set it aside.

In a pot I placed about three of tablespoons of butter and the same amount of flour. I heated them up together, stirring until smooth. I added the warm lobster stock and cooked, stirring often until it had thickened up nicely. To this I added my last summer tomato- a small Roma, diced, the reserved corn kernels, a diced baked potato and some fresh chopped parsley. I also added about half a cup of half and half.


I heated it all up together and let it simmer together 5 minutes or so. I added the reserved diced lobster at the last minute and just let it warm through before serving. Seriously, it was amazingly wonderful. Comforting and elegant at the same time.

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