Pear Sweet and Sour Sauce

Pear Sweet and Sour Sauce

Pear Sweet and Sour Sauce

I love sweet and sour sauce. I have made many versions over the years and have used different fruits in them. I decided to try to make sweet and sour sauce with a ripe pear. It worked out wonderfully. Even better than I expected, actually. The sweetness of the pear was a great addition to the sauce. It came out a rich, mahogany color and is full of flavor. I will make a double batch the next time. I have already enjoyed it with egg rolls. Thinking of making sweet and sour chicken next.

I try to be as exact in measuring as I can. I had a pretty big Bartlett pear, but use 2 small pears, if that is what you have. Any pear will work in this recipe- just be sure it is ripe. As the sauce cooks the pear pretty much falls apart and disappears into the sauce.  I also used Sriracha sauce, which is hot, but not as hot as some other hot sauces. Depending on the brand you are using, you might want to add less. Then again, heat is a matter of personal preference. Spice it up according to your own taste. That is one of the perks of making it yourself.

When I make a sweet and sour sauce- I use Clear Gel, instead of traditional corn starch. It is modified cornstarch (non-waxy) and when you reheat the sauce, it will stay thick. Regular cornstarch will often thin out when reheated. Clear Gel is used in pie fillings and a lot of frozen foods and condiments. Often listed on the label as modified food starch. It looks just like regular cornstarch.  I buy mine online or when I am in stores in Amish communities.

So here is the recipe for a sweet and sour sauce I will surely make again. Planning on making some to freeze, too.


Pear Sweet and Sour Sauce


1 large pear, (about 8 oz.)  peeled and diced fine

½ c. cider vinegar

½ c. sugar

3 T. soy sauce

1 T. minced garlic

1 T. Sriracha sauce- or other hot sauce- add to suit your taste

2 t. grated ginger

3 T. water

2 T. cornstarch or Clear Gel*

2 t. sesame oil

In medium saucepan, combine all ingredients, except the water, cornstarch and sesame oil . Simmer mixture, covered about 5-7 minutes, or until pear becomes tender. Stir occasionally. Combine cornstarch with water and stir until smooth. Pour slowly into simmering pear sauce, stirring to prevent sticking. Sauce with thicken. Stir in sesame oil. Makes about 2 cups.   Keeps in fridge for weeks.


* If you use a type of cornstarch called Clear Gel, you can reheat the sauce without it becoming runny. Clear Gel, also called modified food starch, or modified cornstarch, is available online and at some specialty food stores. I find it in Amish communities.

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