Chocolate Day with Kids

Chocolate Cabbage Cake

We wrapped up the cooking camp in Hudson yesterday with a celebration of chocolate. The kid’s challenge was to create a chocolate cabbage cake. They worked in teams to produce these masterpieces. Except for giving directions- I was hands-off. The kids made them themselves. Some kids are as young as 6.

We started by prepping the “leaves”. I had melted semi sweet chocolate chips and each of the kids got their own cabbage leaf. Using pastry brushes, they coated the insides of the leaves with the melted chocolate. While the leaves were¬† set aside to harden, the kids created their cakes.

I had baked 6 cakes- in bowls so two cakes could be frosted together to make a round cake as the base. They frosted them all on their own- with a little guidance here and there.

Once they had their cakes frosted, the kids carefully peeled away the cabbage leaves- and discarded them. What they were left with was a “leaf” of chocolate. Then, they placed their chocolate leaves all over the cakes.

I was so proud of how well they all did. We left the cakes intact until parents came for pick-up, so pictures could be taken. Did I mention we only had an hour top do this?







For more details on how to create your own cabbage cake, here is a link.

Chocolate Cabbage Cake



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