Remembering Amy

Amy and Martha

For Mother’s Day this year, I will be spending the day remembering Amy Merrick McWilliam. Friends and family will be gathering together to celebrate her life, her spirit and her love.

She was a dear friend, like a sister to me. She was  a wonderful mother, wife, sister, aunt and friend. Her loss was sudden and unexpected, just a few weeks ago. I still find myself thinking of things I want to tell her. Still miss her a lot.

I’d like to share some things I will always remember about her.

Amy was one of the most generous and caring people I  will ever know. She was always there to help, if needed. She was there for family, for her friends, for anyone who needed a hand. If someone needed help, she would drop everything to step in.

It is fitting that her final party be on Mother’s Day. Amy was a great Mom and loved her boys so much. She was always there for them, in good times and bad. She never faltered in her determination to raise two wonderful young men. She did that.

Amy was brilliant. She could talk to you about almost any subject. You would never be bored chatting with Amy. She always had interesting things to say.

Amy was creative. She could design kitchens and jewelry. She had an artistic sensibility that was amazing.

Amy loved music. Her party will be filled with music today, just as she would have wanted.

Many of the dinner party pictures and recipes I shared, were because of Amy.  She was my partner in crime. We spent many happy hours discussing what ingredients we had, and what we would do with them. Sometimes she would call me from a local farm market, to discuss the produce she was getting.

Amy became so good at plating the food. I can’t tell you how many times I was about to take a picture and she would stop me. There was something she wanted to add. Some subtle tweak she felt the food needed. She would have me pick which serving pieces to use. No detail was too small. She had everybody trained to ask if the pictures had been taken, so they could start eating.No one set a prettier table, especially for holidays.

Our dinner parties were about more than food. They were about friendship and sharing and laughter. Lots and lots of laughter. Evenings spent with the people who could make you laugh so hard, you could barely breathe.

No one told a story better than Amy. She had a way of bringing her stories to life. They were often quite funny, often at her own expense. Amy could laugh at herself and bring you along for the ride.

So today, I will spend time with the people who loved her. We will share stories and listen to stories. We will laugh and we will cry. Amy would want more laughter, than tears, so that is the goal.

I love you Amy- now and forever.



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