Sesame Salt

Sesame Salt

During the holidays, homemade gifts are always nice. Not every gift has to be a dessert or something sweet. This sesame salt is a lovely gift for almost anyone.

Once you taste sesame salt, I think you will love it as much as I do. I use it on all sorts of veggies, meats, pasta, potatoes and more. I love it on popcorn!!!

It is a nice alternative to regular table salt. Sesame salt adds great flavor to all sorts of foods. It is also is lower in sodium than plain salt.

You start by toasting sesame seeds. I just place the sesame seeds in a skillet and toast, on top of the stove, over medium heat, until golden brown. You can also toast them in the oven, but they burn easily. You do want to watch them carefully. As soon as they start to change color, turn down the heat or remove them from the heat.

Once the seeds are toasted, you add salt and a few other ingredients (onion, garlic, paprika, pepper). Use whatever salt you like. I use Himalayan pink salt. Feel free to play around with flavors you add your sesame salt. Sometimes, I add a little smoked paprika, which gives the sesame salt a nice, smoky flavor.

I powder the mixture in a spice mill/coffee grinder. You can also use a blender to grind it up.

Sesame salt can be kept on the table in a shaker, just like salt. I use a shaker with slightly larger holes- I have one of those cheese shaker jars that works well. I often include a shaker when I give someone sesame salt.

Sesame Salt

1 c. sesame seeds

1/4 c. salt – I like pink salt- use the salt you like

1 t. paprika

1 t. onion powder

1/4 t. pepper

1/4 t. garlic powder


In a skillet, over medium heat, toast sesame seeds, stirring or tossing to cook evenly until seeds are light brown. Stir in salt and cook 5 minutes more. Cool mixture completely and add remaining ingredients. Process in blender or spice grinder until mixture in powdered. Makes 3/4 c. Excellent with vegetables, stir-fries, salad dressings etc.

Sesame salt in a cheese shaker

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