Aquafaba- Egg-Free Meringue

Spreading Aquafaba on Lemon Pie

If you have never heard of aquafaba, you are not alone. Aquafaba is a sort of meringue- that doesn’t use eggs. As odd as this might sound, aquafaba is made from the liquid found in a can of garbanzo beans. Yes, I said it. The liquid we all drain off our can of garbanzo beans before eating them- can be whipped into a meringue-like topping.

I would love to know the person that discovered this.

Aquafaba is a nice alternative for people who can’t have eggs- and for vegans, too. It’s a nice option when you want a meringue topping- but don’t want to handle raw eggs.

I taught a class last night called Waste Not- Want Not, about reducing food waste. We made the aquafaba in class and used it to top a pie filled with lemon curd. A play on lemon meringue pie.

Here are a few tips to help your aquafaba work out. First- you need a stabilizer. Cream of tartar will help to keep the mixture stable. Add it to the liquid when you first start to beat it. Without the stabilizer, the aquafaba will deflate. Also- it takes longer to whip than egg whites. Use a stand mixer if you have one- and just let it whip away. Ten minutes at least- longer is better. Last, other canned bean liquids don’t work as well. Not sure what is so special about garbanzo beans, but they whip up best. I had semi-decent results with cannellini beans, but nothing like the garbanzos.

So here is the recipe that works for me. Feel free to experiment.

Whipping Aquafaba into Shape

Finished Aquafaba Pie















  liquid from a can of garbanzo beans

2-3 t. cream of tartar

sugar to taste- granulated or powdered

1 t. vanilla  – or other flavoring- optional

In mixing bowl, place liquid and cream of tartar and beat until mixture looks foamy and thick. Sweeten with sugar, a few tablespoons at a time until desired sweetness is achieved. The longer you whip, the better this works. Whip for at least 10 minutes. Add flavoring, if using.  You can also add food coloring, if you like. Makes about 2 cups. Store in fridge. For best results, place finished aquafaba in a strainer and prop over a bowl until you are ready to use it. It seems to hold up better this way. Any liquid that forms, will drip off into the bowl below.

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