Cookies and More for Sale

Boxed Cookies

I will be selling boxes of cookies again this year. The boxes weigh more than 2 pounds and contain at least 10 different kinds of cookies. Contact me if you are interested. They are $20 ( $18 per box if you order 3 or more) and will be available for pick-up at my house starting December 20th.

But there’s more……

I will have other holiday treats.

Pumpkin bread, cranberry bread, or applesauce bread Large (4×8) $7 Small (3×6) $4

Pumpkin Cake Rolls- $15

Chocolate Beet Cake (Red Velvet) (6×8 in), Pumpkin Squares (6×8 in.) or Apple Cake (6×8 in.) $7 each

I will also be making the Christmas tree coffee cakes, pictured below. Eleven rich pineapple and cream cheese rolls- in the shape of a Christmas tree. Adorable. $20

Christmas Tree Coffee Cake

I can make other sweet and savory treats. Just ask.

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