Biscuit “Doughnuts”

Easy Biscuit Doughnuts

I always feel like I am cheating when I make these doughnuts. As most people know, I am all about making stuff from scratch. I also live in the real world and I know people just don’t always have time to make everything from scratch.

These doughnuts are made from refrigerator biscuits. Yes, those little blue tubes of dough in the dairy counter at the store.

I made these in a class with Girl Scouts yesterday. The kids loved making them. Some were left whole, others had holes poked in them, so we had doughnuts and doughnut holes. They also made heart-shaped doughnuts and other fun shapes. They were a very creative group!!

Here is how to make them.

I heated up oil in a mini deep fryer. You want to heat the oil to 350-360 degrees. If you don’t have a fryer with a built in thermometer, you can heat up oil in a deep pan and toss in a kernel or two of popcorn as the oil is heating up. Popcorn pops at 350 degrees so when it pops you will know the oil is hot enough. I fried the biscuits, 6-7 at a time, for a minute or so per side, or until they were golden brown. Then I drained them on paper towels. The girls also helped to fry the dough.

The girls had three options for finishing the doughnuts. We mixed a couple of cups of powdered sugar with some water and vanilla to make the glaze. We also had a bowl of powdered sugar and a bowl with cinnamon sugar. The girls could either dip the warm doughnuts in the glaze or roll them in the sugars. They were a big hit.

If you don’t have biscuits laying around- I normally don’t have them- you can make biscuits from scratch and do the same thing. Great when you have unexpected guests- or just a taste for a warm doughnut.

Note: Additional options. We could have melted chocolate chips with a little milk and made a chocolate glaze. I have made these before where I use a small cake decorating tip to insert jelly. Sprinkles can be used on the glazed doughnuts, if you like.

Frying the doughnuts

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