Ethiopian Spiced Green Beans

Ethiopian Spiced Green Beans

We made these beans in class recently. The class was about how to cook with herbs and spices. The people in class really liked these beans. The Ethiopian spice blend gave the beans a warm rich flavor. They remind me of green beans I get at a local Ethiopian restaurant.

Of course, you could use the seasoning with any number of vegetables. Carrots, cauliflower, sweet potatoes and cabbage are all veggies I have seasoned with this spice blend.

So here is the recipe for the seasoning mix and how to make the beans.

Green Beans with Ethiopian Seasoning

1 lb. green beans, ends trimmed

1 T. oil

2 T. butter

2 t. Ethiopian seasoning, or to taste

Salt to taste

Steam beans until tender, about 6 minutes. I steam them in a microwave. Heat oil and butter in skillet and add the beans, sautéing until the beans get a little color on them. Add the seasonings and adjust to your taste. Serve. Serves 4.

Ethiopian Seasoning

1 T. paprika

1 t. each cayenne pepper, cumin, garlic powder and ginger

½ t. allspice

¼ t. cinnamon

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